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Teva x Originals

A brand on fire. (Please take a full step back.)

Teva was born in the Grand Canyon back in 1984, when a river guide rigged two Velcro watchbands to a pair of flip flops and created a shoe that wouldn’t float away. Three decades later, the Original Teva Sport needed to be properly re-introduced to a generation who missed
it the first time, having yet to be born and all that. Excuses, excuses. But we digress.

Teva x Instagram Surf
Teva x Instagram Surf

Teva x Woolrich. (German tourist fashion.)
Teva x Woolrich. (German tourist fashion.)

The Classic Teva Sport was primed to be an anthem for adventure-loving, festival-going, dirt-hungry youth. So we wrote one, with copious amounts of freedom, flair and foot-loose energy to carry it along. And since unscripted moments make the best memories, we packed the Sprinter, hugged our loved ones, and kissed the modern world behind. We took athletes and influencers into the wild, paired stylists with debutants, shuttled surfers up the coast, made s'mores, and championed a few good causes along the way.

2015, by the numbers: Instagram and Pinterest grew 87% and 103%, respectively, a Teva x Honestly WTF mashup notched 130M impressions, and another, with Comme de Garcons totaled 126M. Even the humble artist series managed 176M impressions. That’s hot shit, by any calculation. In Japan, and door traffic was up 99%. Total PR impressions for the year, get this: 1.2 billion … a 37% spike. Talk about a brand on fire. We were happy to fan the flames.