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Introducing the world’s first smart road bike

With the unveiling of SpeedX Leopard, “The single most-funded bike campaign on Kickstarter.”
“A rallying cry.” a new face in cycling was born. When SpeedX sent us a pair of covert carbon Unicorns, we promptly affixed a pair of pro-am maniacs, drenched the duo in black, turned up the music and documented a race-level performance of Strava-esque delight.

SpeedX is a prototypical challenger brand, with the youth and energy to compete with legacy brands heads up. Boldness is a prerequisite. The energy—from the talent and choreography to the editorial style and sound design—is kinetic, raw, tightly wound. For instance; the rear derailleur is introduced via hyperspeed drug sequence, the portraits are jagged, the close-ups and aerials juxtaposed to build suspense.

What will the next corner feel like? This is visceral language, and these are radical, unforgettable moments, perfectly synced to the VO. As we talk about speed, riders approach the camera or fly by. As we talk power, riders accelerate. Fast and loose; high adrenalin, mixed with momentary calm. As you watch, remember the aesthetic. This piece hits like a car crash, and it’s over just as quick.