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Dollar Shave Club

Shave time. Shave money.

Want to get young men to pay attention? Simple. Start throwing razors at their face. (None of us are supermodels, mind you, so the threat of violence seemed like the next best thing.) Add a few devilish slight-of-hand camera tricks, 30 minutes of training, 99 cents worth of fishing line, and Blammo!—the coolest company on the planet gets their next cool spot.

Friends of ours, these guys. Social too, as you probably know. They wanted to put an absolute stamp on this message: Dull razors suck. Stop using them already. Call us magicians, but when we showed them this magic trick, they said, “Hell yes!” Come to the office and shoot it.

What’s the trick? For a dollar, we’ll tell you! The cameras were locked off, with only slight movement, for a handheld look. We got the toss close, which was all about the trajectory. Using fishing line, we pulled the blade off the handle and reversed the shot, so it looks like a new blade coming on. If we didn’t tell you, you’d never know. Some people might call this a throwaway project, and they would be correct.