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Coors Light VR

Experience the LA Coliseum in Virtual Reality

Imagine. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. You’re kitted, fitted and listening to the unmistakable soundtrack of 50,000 adoring fans. This is what every Trojan feels before entering USC's Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. A battle is about to take place, the only caveats being that these sworn enemies are childhood friends, and those white flags don’t mean surrender, they mean it's on. Danger, glory and cold-filtered bragging rights are theirs for the taking.

Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality. When it came to creating content for the Coors Light XP app, the decision to use VR was particularly appropriate, as their forward-looking program grants super fans exclusive access to the people, places and gear they love. Coors Light now has the keys to offer insider-access, and that’s a campaign promise kept. Grab your smartphone and the Coors Light XP app to feel what it's like to play on the field.

Our approach to capturing VR is simple. We lead with the story, and let the technology (mind-altering as it is) follow suit. The camera sees everything: a 360 degree vision of a virtual world. VR storytelling can best be described as a collaborative experience between the director’s intent and the viewer’s will. Our larger goal is to give people something to talk about, and an entirely new way to experience the brand.

Coors Light X UT, Austin
Coors Light X UT, Austin