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Coors Light VR

Experience the University of Texas, Austin in Virtual Reality

Coors Light XP. When they say unlock the experience, you have no idea how real this is. Unless you've been lacing cleats since you were eight years old, unless you poured out every ounce of passion on America's most loved battleground, unless you’re the one percent of the one percent to be recruited into D1 college ball, you have no idea how real this is.

Our host for this segment was the amiable Jordan Shipley, NFL and UT Longhorns alum, who walked us through this technological marvel: the biggest, most-advanced stadium in the big 12 conference. In his own words, “Most fans really don’t know what goes into making a program like this work. We’d often get here at 5 in the morning, and not leave till 11 at night. Meetings. So many meetings. Analyzing film. And you know, the academic side."

So why Virtual Reality? As you watch this film, consider the space. Everywhere you turn, there’s something to see. It’s almost too good. Beyond the environment, there’s the question of access. Very few Austin residents and UT fans have seen this futuristic locker room and these historic halls … until now. So think about your current clients. What 2D projects could be leveled up into three-dimensional worlds? We’ve found VR works best when it serves the story, aligns with the campaign, and draws the viewer in.